We help companies to innovate using blockchain and distributed technologies in Mexico and Latin America.

What is Lumit?

We are a Mexican firm focused on integration of innovation technologies in strategic industries, specialized in cases of use in Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technologies (Distribuited Ledger Technologies – DLT).

We offer a comprehensive and complete executive service, from B2B training to development of end to end turn key tech solutions.


We provide tailored tech solutions for each company

Trainings and workshops

Diagnostics and consultancy

Process mapping for startups 

Software development and integrations

We offer tailored blockchain education programs for executives and managers in the public and private sector. We teach the most fundamental concepts and focus on the development of feasible solutions for strategic industries.

We work alongside our customers to identify opportunities for improvement in their operations and weigh the costs of implementing a blockchain based solution in their processes and value chains.

We help startups understand and map the information flow of their operations, breaking down each process into manageable components and organizing them to boost performance and enable scalability in a lean setting.

We have proven experience building tailored software platforms that rely on blockchain technology for the public and private sector; adding efficiency, security, and transparency in the management of sensitive information.

CINCEL is a solution that empowers users to gain digital governance over sensitive data such as legal contracts, binding agreements and other digital assets. 

Taking advantage of modern biometric tools, the platform also supports strong digital identity integrations for increased authentication security for individuals and enterprises alike. 

From training and consulting to developments and integrations with blockchain technology.

Clients and collaborations

Partners and allies



Deepen the analysis and development building confidence to solve important problems of society through the use of distributed technologies and advanced methods to promote sustainable, transparent and structural transformation.


Our values

✓ We act with ethics, integrity and confidentiality.

✓ We build differentiators with the client.

✓ We take care of our team, clients and society.

✓ We collaborate together with associations and strategic groups.

✓ We improve the current and innovate solutions.

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Fernando Vera

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Fabián Orozco

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Balbino Matanzo

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Alberto Navarro

Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer

Juan José Domínguez

Head of LUMIT Hub & Digital Currencies Division


Dr. Clarisse Molad

Chief Advisor

Ronen Kirsh

Blockchain Advisor

Javier García

Startup Advisor

Fabiola Imhof

Business Developer

For the past 3 years we have been building blockchain community in various spaces:

  • As a delegate in 2018 and 2019 at the United Nations Organization for the Blockchain for Impact by the Blockchain Commission Global Summit in New York on behalf of Mexico and LATAM.
  • Collaboration with Dekrypt Capital and Blockchain @ Berkeley for ecosystem development in Mexico.
  • Organizers of the Eath-X-Mexico hackathon together with the Blockchain for Impact commission of the UN and Center.
  • Blockchain advisors of the Federal Government in Digital Strategy 2018 and in the One Team BlockchainMX 2018.
  • Conferences in events such as Talent Land 2018-2019 and INCMty 2018.
  • We promote blockchain initiatives through meetups in Mexico City along with Women in Blockchain, IBM, Holochain, Wanchain, Golem and other projects.

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We have the following solutions with blockchain technology and distributed accounting technology (DLT) for public and private companies in Mexico and Latin America:

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✓ Training  and workshops.

✓ Diagnostics and consultancy.

✓ Process mapping for startups.

✓ Software developments and integrations.